10 5 12 Lizard

Today I grabbed my camera from my bag and thought “Uggg this is one of those CHALLENGE days.” For the last few days I’ve already had an idea in mind that I wanted to go get and went out and found it. Today I had no idea what I was going to shoot. So I went out saw a Dragonfly (which would be a repeat – not against the rules but against the spirit) and raised my camera . . . . no memory card. BAH! Back in got it out of my computer and then back out. The accommodating dragonfly came back and I got some FANTASTIC shots of him. But again, against the spirit so I pressed on. across the parking lot I saw the bird I did a shot of before on the berries I had also shot before. So I snapped that (got 3 on fast shutter speed and then the bird flew off, but I got one of those perfect shots) and then struggled with some fencing. Pretty pleased but it wasn’t THE shot.

Back inside to see if I could make anything of my quick photo shoot. And then one of the hundreds of little lizards that live around the apartment was just chilling on the sidewalk. Ordinarily if you get within 5 feet they just take off running. He was braver then most so I got down on the ground and took some great shots and was REALLY happy because I’ve wanted to shoot the lizards for a while.

I got up and started to walk in and STILL he wasn’t moving. So I stood over him and shot straight down with zoom and took one shot. And what do you know? It was THE shot. Out of 76 shots this was the last “oh what the hell” shot and it was the shot.

You can go to my Flickr Feed to see the rest of today’s shots. But I’m trying to keep this one to one a day. I don’t have strict rules I’m following. But rather a spirit I’m trying to embrace.



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