10 8 12 Bee

We Three BeesI have to admit that this was about 50% skill and 50% luck. Again this is just across the parking lot, I’m really enjoying finding things in the parking lot. I went down to check the mail and on the way back I went to find something that would be interesting to shoot. I got some great shots of the berries on a palm tree, and then this flower looked interesting. So I carefully worked my way across the grassy area off the parking lot.

Understand that every time it even Sprinkles this becomes a small pond, so the earth is always mushy and not fun to walk on. But it’s not art if you don’t suffer! So I carefully tread and started shooting. I love the way the sun lights up the flowers and makes them glow. Then I spotted the bee. So I zoomed in and started following it around.

This shot was a matter of getting it framed up and then continuous shot. I just crossed my fingers and prayed I would get something good out of it. I’m very pleased with this one. I had another one that if the bee was in focus would be an AMAZING shot. But you can’t win them all.


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