10 11 12 Butterfly

T- and I went on a walk today and took pictures as we went. It was AWESOME! Along the way we talked about trying to get a shot of a butterfly. They were difficult and hard to catch.  We were like big game hunters stalking our tiny tiny photographic prey. So I got a bunch of okay shots of the butterfly and a lot of shots of blurry grass.

Then on the last leg this guy landed and I zoomed in, had shutter speed at highest possible lined it up and he took off! But I managed to hit that button at just the right time. When I saw the picture flash up on the screen I threw a fist in the air and shouted “YES!” I knew I had THE shot.

I have not even processed the rest of them and I KNEW this was the shot. Sometimes you get that. Mostly you get a lot of deleted photos that you are not going to use, but sometimes you get THE shot.


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