10 12 12 Crow In Flight

Bird In Flight


After a stressful week and morning I drove to the Marina to go sit by the water for a time. It was much needed.

Relaxing by the marina


T- who was already downtown joined me there and we marveled at how differently we respond to the ocean. I love to contemplate the size and vastness of the ocean, and I think about how much life is in and on the ocean. And while I get vertigo from a horizon that is too far away on land, when it’s water it brings me comfort. Unfortunately it just FREAKS T- out.

Before I went to the Marina when I ran an errand this morning I saw some crows in the parking lot and I called myself a fool for going without my camera because there were some great shots there. Apparently the photography gods were feeling kind today because there was a small group of crows nearby.


I found them really fun to watch and attempt to shoot. We were both trying desperately to get one in flight. Instead I think we mostly ended up with blurry shots or sky, water, tree, sky, sky, blurry shot etc. . .

Crow with Marlboro Pack


The above bad boy was worrying at a pack from Marlboro Reds and at one point he dropped it on the ground below. Somehow I managed to get him just as he came off the top of the pole and headed down. And that is how I got the first shot in this post.

Sometimes you have to waste a lot of shots to get the one that you want.


2 thoughts on “10 12 12 Crow In Flight

    • you should see the number of shots I deleted that were blurry bird in flight, blurry bird on top of something, blurry bird in the water, blurry bird . . oh no that was just sky, dirt, pavement, where the bird used to be. . .

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