10 25 12 Flowers


Our Internet was down for a couple of days, hence the three posts in one day posing as three different days.

I’ve been doing the daily photo shoot for a month now, and it’s still a challenge. I’m tired, and worn out and didn’t really feel like doing anything. But i didn’t want to miss a day. So I put on my headphones and sandals and started walking around outside.

In the past 30 days my photography has taken a sharp turn up – and I find that I am more picky about the photos that I keep.

I came back with 101 shots and kept four. I’m sharing two. But I like these for a couple of reasons. One I think they are good. I just really like them and I think they came out nicely. But the other thing I like about them is that it’s another example of how great photography doesn’t require you to go far.

These are of some flowers that are in front of a sign for a pain clinic that is down the street from my house. The image on the sign is a line drawing of a pair of hands folded in front of a butterfly. It is so clearly a “Doctor Feel Good” place where you can just get a prescription and move on. It’s Florida, so that is no surprise.

But the white sign made for a great background for the flowers and made the orange POP.



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