10 27 12 Breast Cancer Walk

Represented at the Breast Cancer Walk today!

I always feel so mixed about doing stuff like this. I wonder how much good actually comes out of all of this, and how much we are doing this to make ourselves feel good. But what was interesting was seeing the survivors lead the way with the first lap. And you could clearly see how important this was to them.


There was a lof creativity there. 



4 thoughts on “10 27 12 Breast Cancer Walk

  1. Just wonderful! Anything anyone can do to help rid the world of this dreaded disease is worth doing. I lost my hubby to cancer, and my 8 yr old nephew is battling it now. It warms my heart to hear about people like you who take the time out of their day to do something. It is the support to those families really need, and you showed love.

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