10 29 12 Bearly There

I am 35 years old and I still sleep with a Teddy Bear. Not all the time.

I struggle with depression – and starting in October is winds up, works me over through the holiday season, and February or March I start to come back from crazy land. And during this time, especially, I sleep with my bear. And T- (who is amazing) has never mocked, belittled, or in any way made me feel bad that I still sleep with a Teddy Bear.

Even though she sometimes wakes up to this.


His name is Joseph T. Bear (the T stands for “The”)

I’ve had him for over 20 years. He was a Christmas gift from my parents, We went to a Midnight service, and when we came back There was a Chocolate Bear and a Tan Bear sitting under the tree with books in their laps. The Chocolate Bear was for me, and I named him Joseph. The Tan one was Freckles (because he didn’t have any – kid logic) and was my brothers.

Joseph and Freckles were best friends, and went through many adventures over the years. Joseph has seen me through recovery from abuse, break ups, stress, and losing my father. He is wearing a T-Shirt now that used to be my Dads. His Bow Tie is held on by a shoe string, and his nose is rather the worse for wear.


If any stuffed animal in the world deserves to become a “Real Bear” it’s Joseph. He always listens, never judges, and doesn’t mind the snoring. So I’m 35 and still sleep with a Bear. But when you have something that has seen you through so much, I don’t think you should let it go.


6 thoughts on “10 29 12 Bearly There

  1. Beautiful story…and I am 37 and wish I still had my old teddy bears. I occasionally sleep with one given to me by my husband, but it has been a while. You are certainly not alone 🙂

    • 🙂 many of my stuffed animals have moved on to other kids. Any that were in really good shape I would donate. After reading “The Velveteen Rabbit” eleventy-billion times I want all my stuffed animals to have the chance to be “real”.

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