10 30 12 Old Friends

Bearly There got some great responses so I would like to follow up on that.

When I was a kid my stuffed animals allowed me to express emotions and concepts that I didn’t have any other way to deal with. If you read my previous blog you have already met Joseph T. Bear who helped me get through so many trials and tribulations. It wouldn’t do him justice if I didn’t also include his best friend and longtime companion Snowball.

Snowball is one of the Precious Moments stuffed animals and he lost his heart that he used to wear around his neck. Inside it said “Some Bunny Loves You”. Whenever I got new animals I would set them up on the bed, make the introductions  and then leave Joseph and Snowball to get all the animals settled in. I would actually leave the room to give them time to “come to life”.

I would play with them and they would act out scenarios that expressed my feelings and difficulties. I was an abuse victim as a child (not from my parents but rather grandparents) and had feelings and thoughts that I didn’t understand. Joseph played the Villian more often than not, he was the largest and therefore in theory the strongest. He would capture my stuffed cabbage patch pony named Appaloosa (he was entirely white) and keep him prisoner. Snowball would then come to the rescue and escape.  In a very real sense these two were the keeper of my secrets and my sanity.

Snowball has seen better days. The pink nose lining has worn off, and all that is left is shiny plastic. I’ve re colored his eyes so they are blue again. And his poor feet, well the satin on the bottom has worn off. T- is going to knit him little booties at some point.

I think that he kind of sums me up. I’m a little worse for wear, and rather rough around the edges. But I know that “Some Bunny” still loves me.


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