A photographer’s patience (aka – is it still photobombing if they won’t move?)

T- and I went to Zoo World today. It was AWESOME!

I saw this heron, and I really had a shot in mind that I wanted to get. So here is the story of that shot.

Oh that’s a good shot you say. Yes except for the black swan that looks like a pile of old feathers on the bottom and the mallard peeking out from behind the tree in the back. Sigh. So I waited for awhile for that dumb bird to move, and then every time I thought i could get the swan out of the frame it would stick it’s head up.

So they just hung out. Watching me, taunting me, laughing at me. 

And I almost had it, and the swan stuck it’s head around the corner.

So I took a picture of this branch

And this goose

And this one

And he came back. sigh. . .


And then I got photobombed by a duck.

And two more ducks followed suit.


T- had wandered off by this point, finding other things to take pictures of. But I was not going to give up. I got about 50 pictures of this bird where I was photobombed by other birds. I also patiently kept my eye to the viewfinder and finger on the shutter button for quite some time waiting for the right moment. And finally all the patience paid off. And I got my picture.










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