Best of Daily Photo Challenge 2012

I was going to pick the best of the year and post just that. But I only wanted to choose from the best of each month, because looking over the hundreds of photos that I have done for the year seems like too much of a challenge. And I wanted to stick to daily photo challenge photos. But instead, since there are only four, I am going to do each of the four that I posted.

The dragonfly is the first picture I took when I started the daily photo challenge. It’s not the first one my camera shot, but it’s what got this whole thing started. I had been wanting to take a picture of a dragonfly for the longest time, and then on the day I decided to do this daily I had one sitting there and I got a once in a lifetime shot. I love the damaged wing, I love the green background I just love it all together.

9 28 12


The picture that I think really shows off my developing skills is the following of T- We wanted to get a picture of her for a sexy knitting calendar, and I had wanted to do something like this for years.



I went to go take photos of the graffiti on the trains near my apartment. I am fascinated by this human need to express and mark. It goes back through all of human history, and I think it’s interesting that trains are a chosen medium because they move through the country taking your mark with them. Others won’t understand it, but they will see it. It’s a kind of anonymous immortality. The following shot was a chance one. It was a case of looking up and saying “oh that’s interesting”, firing off the camera and then moving on.



And of course another one of T-, she had gone to a “Masked Ball” where she works, and rather than wearing a mask they painted on on her face. The shot with her smiling she likes best, and I think it really shows her beauty. But I like this one because I think it looks like it belongs on a French Movie Poster, and she looks like an exotic actress in the starring role.



Here is to a brand new year and all the things that I will find in my Rose Colored Lens.


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