Portrait of a moment

On the surface this it is a random collection of items on a counter. It is in fact a portrait of a moment. I see them sitting on the counter and I can see T- setting down everything after her walk, emptying her pockets. Further each item has a collection of memories attached to it.

Cigarettes have a long and varied history between us. The mini light I got for free at work, and thought it might make her happy to have, so I brought it home. The skull key was a special trip to Lowes because it was for our new apartment and a new life. Just any old key wouldn’t do.

I won’t share all the private memories. I will tell you that I could tell you a story about every item in that picture. Stories of laughter and tears, of bitter fights and long talks. Stories of miss-communication and working through to understanding. Mostly stories about the power of love and friendship, and how lucky I am to have her in my life. IMG_4679 IMG_4691 IMG_4708

When you look at these items you may see a random collection on a counter. When I look at it, I see over a decade of love summed up in a moment of emptying her pockets after a walk.



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