Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight

IMG_2909 IMG_8824 IMG_2704


4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight

      • It is a brilliant interpretation, I just love it. In fact, I darted off to hang with some geese last night, you got me so fired up! Brought the kitten along. A few geese stuck their tongues out in his kitten face as he curled up in my lap and wondered what he should properly be feeling- fight or flight?

        A bloke went by with his dog, nearly trodding into the pond, just to avoid the geese as they purred whilst I pet them as they befriended the kitten. He said, “I don’t know why they’re being so placid, they’re usually brutal beasts!” Not my precious goosie. They’ve always been sweet with me. 😉

        Many smiling cheers,

        Autumn Jade

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