Daily Prompt: The Zone

IMG_3624 IMG_3518 IMG_3581For me The Zone is all about photography. And when I really get into the Zone is when I get lost in details. It can happen with or without a camera. I am a highly visually based person, so I can get totally lost in following the lines of an object. The above is perfect examples of this.
First is a series of chairs in Historic St Andrews, it’s outside a restaurant that during regular business hours has so many patrons the line of chairs are necessary. I was completely caught up in the shapes made by the lines of the chairs.
The second is a lions head on a fountain, again I admired the whole but fell into the details of the single lion head and how the light played off of it.
Finally the trunk of a palm tree, I find the shapes endlessly fascinating to look at. So that is what sends me into the zone.



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