Cultures of India – Music & Dance “In The Moment”

I had an opportunity to witness an incredible performance of music and dance from India. They covered “North, East, South and West” through music, song and dance. There were so many images that are worth sharing I’m breaking it down into smaller pieces, so stay tuned.

There is a moment that comes in all really good performances where the artist is no longer totally aware of the audience. For a moment they are one with their chosen performance. It may be with the music, the dance, the instrument. The audience no longer matters they are doing something they love. It is a deeply personal moment where the love for their craft comes through so completely that the forgotten viewer cannot help but be carried away.
As a photographer I LIVE for those moments – because although the artist does not know it we share that secret personal moment. I am lost to everything but the images before me and nothing matters but what is in my lens.

I also want to share that beauty with others so that they too can see the inner beauty I can see.

This is why I so often love to capture musicians preparing – because they gather their instruments and caress them as they prepare to engage the instrument. Dancers stretch and prepare their body. The artist is unaware of the audience and is not performing.

And during the performance I watch with the camera at hand hoping that they will forget about me and just become one with the music. IMG_85952 Cultures of India - music and dance 6-26-2013 11-54-37 AMCultures of India - music and dance 6-26-2013 12-24-58 PM Cultures of India - music and dance 6-26-2013 12-30-04 PM


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