What is that?

Often at festivals and fairs you get two kinds of tents.

One of them houses goods and the artist sits in the corner and stares at you with a sullen look while you browse their wares and move on. There is a quiet hush as you avoid putting your foot in your mouth and they try and decide if you are worth the time of engaging.

The other tent holds people who are aggressive sales people who practically attack you forcing you to flee in terror.


Then there is the rare tent where you have someone who loves their product, loves the sales, and are simply charming to meet.

The Stirsby tent was the third one. Laid out on the table were what appeared to be wooden machetes so I walked up and wondered out loud what it was. A very nice blonde woman announced that it was a “Stirsby” (pronounced Stirs-BEE). My blank look made it clear that I was no better educated than I had been 30 seconds prior so she quickly explained that it was a spoon, spatula, cutter and general purpose kitchen utensil. Her excitement about the product was contagious and soon I was picking it up and playing with it too.

She demonstrated some of her other products as well and soon had a rowdy (for rochester, MN so there was an audible buzz in the air) crowd around her tent.

She was also kind enough to let me photograph her wares. She is trying to raise money for her wedding so go to the site and see if you can’t pitch in!

IMG_6882 IMG_6884 IMG_6890


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