Bonus Post: Happy

This lovely lady was also one of my favorite performers. She was not the most flexible or artistic. Others had more skill, more time and even more ability. But no one else had nearly as much fun. Seriously you can’t even look at her photos without smiling because her pure joy is just that contagious.

127-IMG_8057 I spoke to her afterward and said she looked like she was having more fun then a person ought to be allowed to have and she said that it was so much fun she wasn’t sure it should be legal!132-IMG_8087 078-IMG_7615I think she has so much fun because she chooses to enjoy life.

Even when she was waiting to perform and watching the jazz band she exuded joy.

067-IMG_7469Happiness is a choice and this lady has made the choice to find it. What I admire is that she seems intent on sharing it too.




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