Cliche Eagle Pictures

Do a google search for Eagle Photo and you will find more than you could count. So it’s hard to do Eagle photos and NOT be cliché. So here is my cliché Eagle photo, but at least it’s MINE. Kind of like shots of the moon I’ve done, nothing amazing, or original. But they were mine. 01-IMG_8707I took these at the National Eagle Center in Wabasha Minnesota. If you are lucky enough to live within driving distance, you need to visit. If not – be jealous!

This lovely old bird is 32 years old, she lived in the wild for 17 (considering most don’t make it to their first year and of that only a small percentage make it to 5 – so 17 is impressive). But an injured wing has made the National Eagle Center her permanent home they think she will probably make to 40-42 due to “Wild Wear”. The “mohawk” is a permanent thing.

08-IMG_8771Years ago when I visited the National Eagle Center they were talking about how they had been part of the breeding program to bring Bald Eagles back from endangered and had been so successful that they had to scale back the efforts. Now they talk about how since the river never totally freezes they have a 5 mile stretch of river that hosts roughly 1500 eagles in the winter.

09-IMG_8774They are home to 4 permanent residence, three bald eagles and one golden eagle. Every morning they take two of them down to the river for a couple of hours where the eagles can bath in the river, catch fish and experience a little of “wild” living. They also have large windows where they can witness the seasons and scream at other eagles who encroach on their territory.

07-IMG_8760The birds are well fed, healthy and seem to be pretty happy. All of them have suffered injuries that prevent them from returning to the wild. But they have good care from handlers that seem to really love their jobs. Have you ever looked that happy at work?



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