Ladies of the Renaissance Festival

This is my last Renaissance Festival post – I think these three ladies sum up the range of characters that you see there.

This lady was the “Painted Lady”, she told stories while letting kids paint on her. 75-IMG_0185 This charming lady was playing Greensleeves, and it was just perfect. 77-IMG_0220 This Lovely Lady was all over the festival, and she was an absolute blast. The photo also sort of tells the story of the time at Ren Fest. My Niece and Nephew were very excited, although a little intimidated by the people. My Niece wanted to see the fairy queen closer, but got very concerned when it actually happened.

You can also see my Sister In Law carrying the hats that the twins found too cumbersome to wear, but didn’t really want to have out of their line of sight.



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