A Good Dad

One of the best things about being an Aunt is getting to watch my brother be an amazing Dad. My nephew J- tore pages out of a book during nap time, being 4 consequences have to be understandable and immediate. So that evening J- was not allowed to participate in story time with his siblings S- & E-. But as how J- wasn’t being ostracized from the family, just dealing with the consequences of his actions, my brother sat with J- in the bedroom during story time. Now that is being a good Daddy.

We recently went to the Arboretum and went through the Hedge Maze. The twins S- & J- were with Grandma and Grandpa so it was just us & E-. I wanted to share these photos because I think they tell a clear story of what a good Dad my brother is. 1-IMG_1385

2-IMG_1409 3-IMG_1459 4-IMG_1485


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