Looking back at the past year

So my 1 year as a blog poster has come an gone, and now I am facing a whole new year of pictures and adventure. It is causing me to look back at the past year and ponder where I’ve been and how much has changed.

First let me explain why the silence for the past few weeks. We moved to Minnesota to start a great adventure, and as with all adventures there have been ups and downs along the way. I was able to get a job quickly, and it kept our heads above water. However it was not the opportunity that I was hoping for.

It was too soon on the heels of a bad work experience where I spent over a year fearing for my job, I fought with my coworkers and was constantly stressed out. I battled mightily to try and make it a good work experience for the team that reported to me but there were precious few working to make my work experience good. It was a terrible situation and I’m grateful to be out of it.

My new job wasn’t the same, but it was close enough that I was starting to find myself acting in the same way that I had before. It was terrible. I was returning to being someone that I didn’t like. But then a new opportunity came along and I went after it.

It was working for Habitat For Humanity as the General Manager of a new ReStore location. A store that sells gently used home furnishings, appliances, and home improvement items. As a new location the new GM will build everything from the ground up. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The interview and selection process took nearly a month. It was a nerve wracking month, as I started to feel more confident about the new position, and the workplace degenerated I was more and more checked out.

Finally I got the green light, I got the new job! So I put in my notice, a week before Black Friday. I worked through Black Friday and started my new job with the new month.

So this past month picture editing and blogging became a challenge and a burden and not a joy. But I am returning to who I am, and the opportunity that we knew was waiting for us has finally arrived.


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