New Friends

There was a grassy section at the music part of ArtiGras where the kids started running around and playing. They didn’t know each other but after a few moments of feeling each other out you would have never known that they had been strangers.

T and I both found this group lots of fun to watch. 
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Why I love photography. . .

Anyone who knows me is aware that sometimes I get lost in the details of things.

When I am focusing on a task or outcome I get tunnel vision. If someone or something does not impact the task or outcome then it ceases to exist to me. If someone or something interferes with this goal in anyway I get very agitated and have been told I become quite frightening when this happens.

I also can get lost in visual details and again when I get focused the rest of the world fades away completely.

As an example I was out and about with T- and I took this shot.

IMG_1361As an artist he noted that the lens of the camera looked like an iris and he found the way it opened and closed interesting. Spending more time on the other side of the camera this was new to me. So I turned it around and the only thing that existed for a long moment was my camera.

So T- took this shot.

AbbyI was not even aware that she had taken the shot until we got home and compared what we got.

So how does this all tie into why you love photography, you ask.

Great question I’m glad you brought me back to my point.

Through photography I can first create those moments where the world narrows down to a single moment and the rest of the world falls away. It’s a wonderful place to be – when I’m doing what I love. Today I was taking pictures of my old Basic Training boots that I have had for almost two decades. They outlasted my military career, multiple jobs and a failed marriage. I set them on the ground and lay on the floor and lost myself in the details of the boots.

T- who is used to such things took no note of my being sprawled out on the floor taking a picture of a pair of old boots.

I also love photography because I can share that moment. I can invite others to come with me and really see the world the way I do. For a moment you can join me in not just seeing a pair of old boots that are beyond repair. Instead you can write your own story about the journey they have been on. You see the scuffs and marks, you can see the tangle of laces. You can join me in finding joy in the tiny details of a pair of faithful friends.

That is why I call it Rose Colored Photography. Because I am aware of the ugliness in the world, and many times I face it head on. But then I put the camera strap around my neck, raise the viewfinder to my eye and I view the world through a Rose Colored Lens. And I invite you to join me in my Rose Colored World where there is beauty in the plain, the ugly, the common and decay.