Best of July

July has wrapped up and I think this has been a really good month for me.

Much of it was dedicated to bonus posts that gave a showcase of my PRIDE photographs, you can see them on my Flickr Feed.

IMG_0587 IMG_1109 IMG_1163IMG_9536 IMG_0878


I also highlighted the Cultures of India a performance that I was able to see. But before that at another Rochester Music festival I was able to get this portrait. I am highlighting this because it represents what I love about photographing artists and musicians. I strive to capture the moment where they forget about the audience and are lost in the music.



Then I have this shot from Silver Lake in Rochester, I love the lines that are created by the lake and the detail of the feather. IMG_3531

The very best one of the month is one of my last. It represents my style. Highlighting that which might go unnoticed. A pool of rubber ducks wearing goggles. I managed to get such a perfect angle with only one “looking” dead on. You can see the rest of my Fair photos on my Flickr Feed.


Get used to this face . . .

So I saw this little cat outside my apartment when I left for work yesterday. She was so friendly and meowing and I couldn’t stay. But I wanted to.

Then T- and I saw her when we came back with groceries. And we had a very serious discussion about the rules. That once she came inside it was all inside from here, but we have love, and toys, and warmth, and water and noms, and petting and we will be very good to her.

We left the door open, she came inside, took several laps around the apartment and then settled down. She hasn’t been anywhere near the door since. So now we have a new kitty meow face in our lives. We are about to go to the vet to make sure she is healthy. We kept saying we aren’t going to get attached till we know she will be healthy. But we both know it’s not true.

So get used to this face . . . IMG_4136

Because she is probably going to be the subject of quite a few blog posts.