Bonus Post: Light & Dark

These two ladies were a joy to watch because they were truly enjoying themselves and each other. 133-IMG_8099 As they performed on two edges of the stage I was so pleased that I was able to capture photos that seemed to capture their costume and their personalities. 152-IMG_8346 153-IMG_8350

Bonus Post: Crowd Participation

At the ArtiGras event the ladies of the Rochester International Dance Studio were very clever. They needed to keep the crowd interested in what was going on while the instruments and set up for the previous band were carried away.

So they had a crowd participation event. What is truly impressive about this is Minnesotans  don’t participate. They don’t sit in the front row, they don’t make a lot of noise and they don’t get up and dance. But these ladies stood in the crowd and actually turned it into a pretty rowdy crowd (for Rochester). 082-IMG_7642
084-IMG_7660 093-IMG_7757