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Best of July

July has wrapped up and I think this has been a really good month for me.

Much of it was dedicated to bonus posts that gave a showcase of my PRIDE photographs, you can see them on my Flickr Feed.

IMG_0587 IMG_1109 IMG_1163IMG_9536 IMG_0878


I also highlighted the Cultures of India a performance that I was able to see. But before that at another Rochester Music festival I was able to get this portrait. I am highlighting this because it represents what I love about photographing artists and musicians. I strive to capture the moment where they forget about the audience and are lost in the music.



Then I have this shot from Silver Lake in Rochester, I love the lines that are created by the lake and the detail of the feather. IMG_3531

The very best one of the month is one of my last. It represents my style. Highlighting that which might go unnoticed. A pool of rubber ducks wearing goggles. I managed to get such a perfect angle with only one “looking” dead on. You can see the rest of my Fair photos on my Flickr Feed.