Colors of the Renaissance Festival

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Best of August

I chose this one because it tells the best story.

The different people on different levels are all engaged in their own story – unaware of the people above and below them. Some are even watching the people in the plaza below unaware that they are in turn being watched. 04-IMG_6078

Bonus Post: Crowd Participation

At the ArtiGras event the ladies of the Rochester International Dance Studio were very clever. They needed to keep the crowd interested in what was going on while the instruments and set up for the previous band were carried away.

So they had a crowd participation event. What is truly impressive about this is Minnesotans  don’t participate. They don’t sit in the front row, they don’t make a lot of noise and they don’t get up and dance. But these ladies stood in the crowd and actually turned it into a pretty rowdy crowd (for Rochester). 082-IMG_7642
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Cultures of India – Music & Dance “Feet”

I had an opportunity to witness an incredible performance of music and dance from India. They covered “North, East, South and West” through music, song and dance. There were so many images that are worth sharing I’m breaking it down into smaller pieces, so stay tuned.

As a start – so much can be said by simply looking at the feet. Often we bind the feet in tight or painful casings and force dancers into unnatural forms. However for these traditional dancers the feet were bare and flat on the ground. It brings a natural base to the ethereal beauty of these women. Cultures of India - music and dance 6-26-2013 12-17-59 PM

Cultures of India - music and dance 6-26-2013 12-18-01 PM Cultures of India - music and dance 6-26-2013 12-20-59 PM Cultures of India - music and dance 6-26-2013 12-30-59 PM Cultures of India - music and dance 6-26-2013 12-31-01 PM