Bonus Post: Qualia

Qualia (single form, quale) is a term that refers to the individual, conscious, subjective elements of experiences. Examples of qualia are the pain of a headache, the taste of wine, or the perceived redness of an evening sky.  In other words, qualia refers to “the way things seem to us”.Sunset

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

This was a unique challenge. I walked to a free concert in Downtown Rochester with T- and my mom. It was called Light Sound Symphony. I love living in a place where you can get a full symphony orchestra perform for free.

So I sat in my chair and took dozens of photos. As I have mentioned before I love the details of things, the tiny moments. Here are some of those moments.

Waiting for the concert to start an older couple read through their paper. How almost cliche that she was reading a lifestyle oriented section and he was reading the sports section.


IMG_7339This lady patiently worked her crossword



And someone else also brought an actual paper



I loved the quiet intensity that most of the crowd had while listening to the concert

IMG_7389 IMG_7382The intensity was not observed in the crowd alone

IMG_7431I was not the only photographer

IMG_7439And of course these hands tell their own story

IMG_7457 IMG_7379



Daily Prompt: The Normal

Day Off 017 Day Off 033 ??????????This was originally from a challenge called “Day Off” but I thought it was Apropos.

It fits both because it’s a day of laundry, clean sheets and my uniforms hanging in the closet.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting